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Toddler I & II
Ages 18 to 35 months

Toddlers will continue to develop gross motor skills (walking, running, jumping, climbing), sensory skills (seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling), fine motor skills (manipulating simple puzzles, drawing, feeding themselves), social skills (taking turns, sharing, playing with others), and language skills (first saying single words, then forming sentences). The use of some basic sign language is taught and encouraged as an additional means of communication until their vocabulary is developed enough to verbally communicate their wants and needs. We also introduce the toddlers to hand washing as it is an important habit to acquire as soon as reasonably possible. Toddlers in our care will engage in purposeful play with encouragement to make choices and practice individual decision-making. Play spaces are organized by interest areas. There are areas with materials for quiet play and more active play. Toddlers can play alone or in small groups. Children will gain knowledge by building on a path of ever-increasing knowledge and learn through the process of their efforts. 


  • Long periods of uninterrupted play time

  • Open-ended play that focuses on the process, rather than the product

  • Understanding turn-taking, developing the capacity to wait and communicating to others when it is their turn.

  • Minimum of 90 minutes of outdoor playtime, weather permitting 

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