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Our Philosophy

We feel very deeply that each child should feel loved, heard, and encouraged. We strive to provide an environment and curriculum in which each child will grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

We don’t limit ourselves to one specific type of program, as leaving our options open for flexibility, change, and growth allows us to individualize each child's needs. 


Each and every child is different in how they learn. Including a variety of educational activities allows us to accommodate the different learning styles of each child. This gives each child the same advantage and allows each child to feel included and successful.

We believe in purposeful play with a focus first and foremost on social/emotional development. We know that play is an integral part of how young children learn.


Play based learning is an educational approach that prioritizes play as a critical method for learning and growth in children. 

Children engage in shared learning opportunities that allow them to problem-solve, use different materials, role-play, think critically, and act creatively.


Our classrooms are intentional and well-designed learning environments. Teachers and children co-construct purposeful play experiences that lead to deep learning.


Confidence is the key to each child’s overall development. 

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