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Ages 3-5 years

Our (3-5 year old) curriculum is based on the premise that children are naturally curious about their environment and that play is an essential ingredient of learning and development. Children work in small groups to work on their social skills and developmental goals. Classrooms include centers that focus on pretend play, music, alphabet, sensory, art, numbers, and books. Through play in a well arranged and regularly enriched environment, children learn about themselves as they develop their cognitive, social and emotional capabilities. Our focus is first and foremost on social/emotional development. We provide experiences that foster a sense of self as a competent individual, an internalization of self-control, and a positive pattern of interaction with others


Children are introduced to concepts that provide the foundation for all future learning. 

  • Cutting with scissors

  • Holding a pencil correctly 

  • Playing well with others 

  • Expressing emotions

  • Self-soothing 

  • Problem Solving 

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